Selected Works


I seek out people and projects that inspire me and whose stories I want to share with the world at large. I see my role as connecting them and/or their projects, all the while taking a flexible, creative approach in my capacity as a planner and editor, going beyond the traditional definition of media when a project calls for it.

The projects I’ve worked on have involved publishing, planning, editing, writing, producing, branding, casting, facilitating, urban and regional vitalization, product development, and more.


I strive to be actively involved with projects from the planning phase, including putting together the right team for the job. Full-on commitment allows me to focus my creative energy on exploring new media possibilities.

(Magazines, books, photo books, websites, Instagram, video, etc.)


My focus is on projects involving inspired people, and my goal is to tell stories that touch as many people as possible—without limiting myself to established categories.

(People, travel, food, hotel and resorts, fashion, jewelry, movies, literature, Music, nature, urban areas, rural areas, architecture, SDGs, design, commercial facilities, everything brand related, etc.)


Whenever I feel like I am in a rut, I find inspiration in the professionals that do what they do with joy, looking to serve society and the world at large. Here is a list of some of the people I’ve worked with.

Nobuyoshi Araki  Tadao Ando Kon Ichikawa Kaori Ekuni Genki Kawamura Kengo KumaSo Kuramoto Haru Kuroki Kyoko Koizumi Ryuichi Sakamoto Oki Sato Takeru Sato Masahiko Sato Kenjiro Sano Kotaro Sawaki Sisyu Kishin Shinoyama Hiroshi Sugimoto Kenzo Takada Shuntaro Tanikawa Yoshio Taniguchi Kiichi Nakai Masami Nagasawa Yu Nagaba Miki Nakatani Kohei Nawa Kanako Nishi Yoshiharu Habu Ayumi Hamaski Kenya Hara Keiichiro Hirano Tori Matsuzaka Rie Miyazawa Daido Moriyama Mirai Moriyama Hayao Miyazaki Miyavi Tadashi Yanai Ichiro Yamaguchi Yoji Yamada Takeshi Yoro Tokujin Yoshioka Tadanori Yokoo Kenshi Yonezu Shinsuke Yoshitake Koichi Wakata Andre Putman Catherine Zeta-Jones Charlotte Perriand Charlotte Rampling Jean Jullien Jessica Biel Lee Byung Hun Pierre Hermé Raf Simons Sofia Coppola Stevie Wonder


Magazines are always one step ahead of the curve. For me they are also where I started my career. Even now in the digital age, I am always looking for projects that are best served with a magazine element—and I put the utmost consideration into which outlet is the best fit.

(Magazine House)
(Magazine House)
Numero TOKYO
(Hearst Fujingaho)
madame FIGARO japon
(CCC Media House)
The New York Times Magazine Japan
(Sekaibunka Publishing)
(Condé Nast)

Books & Photo Books

Society today is increasingly paperless and focused on sustainability. With print numbers declining, printed works have become a rarity. That’s why it’s my desire to produce the kind of books that will allow readers to keep inspiration and design at their fingertips.

Mutou, Shigetoo. “A Spiritual Modern Design”.
Magazine House, 2001.
Kee, Leslie. “The Making of super stars by Leslie Kee”.
Photo book. Interactive Media Mix, 2006.
Kawamura, Genki. “Shigoto”.
Shueisha, 2014.
Kawamura, Genki. “Rikei ni Manabu”.
Diamond, 2016.
Matsuura, Max and Toru Kenjo. “Kiken na Futari”.
Gentosha, 2018.
Kawamura, Genki. “Shigoto”.
Bungeishunju, 2018.
“Kiitos!Yuta Koseki in Finland”.
Photo book. Amuse, 2019.
Kawamura, Genki. “Rikei”.
Bungeishunju, 2020.
Takeru Satoh “Travelogue Calendar 2023”.
Co-LaVo Inc., 2022.
Takeru Satoh × Mario Sorrenti Art Book “Beyond”.
Co-LaVo Inc., 2023.

Movies & TV

I find the realm of video endlessly exciting, in particular the prospect of working with a new wave of creators. When it comes to planning projects, I provide an attention to detail and commitment to quality founded on my editorial perspective and experience.

“Louis Vuitton – Beyond”.
Louis Vuitton, 2012.
“Cartier presents: Oki Sato Goes on a Journey to Discover His First Watch”.
Japan Airlines and BS Fuji, 2014.
“Nespresso presents: Venice, Paris, Berlin - A Tale of Three Espresso Cities, with Ayako Suwa”.
Japan Airlines and BS Fuji, 2014.
“Dior presents: Why Parisian Women are Beautiful, with Nao Tamura”.
Japan Airlines and BS Fuji, 2014.
“Cassina presents: A Journey to Contemplate Eternal Design, with Manabu Mizuno”.
Japan Airlines and BS Fuji, 2014.
“Gucci presents: Italy and the Future of Cutting-Edge Fashion, with Ako Tanaka”.
Japan Airlines and BS Fuji, 2015.
“Switch Interview: Hiroshi Sugimoto and Tane Tsuyoshi”.
NHK E-Tele, 2016.
“NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen - Kenshi Yonezu”.
NHK, 2018.
“Idaten: Tokyo Orinpikku-banashi”.
NHK, 2019.
“Lanvin Collection Mens GINZA SIX visit with Tomoki Sukezane”.
Joi’x Corporation, 2022.